Staging your Bedrooms

14 September 2021


Preparing your bedrooms and house for photo day!!!

This is an extremely important part of the process prior to your property launch to the open market.

I try to encourage my clients where possible to spend some time preparing their property and to employ a professional photographer.

You don’t get a second chance at first impressions.

Online portals account for over 85% of property introductions according to Rightmove. Whilst agents spend lots of time writing particulars most prospective purchases will only look at photos and floorplans before deciding to engage with the agent to book a physical inspection, or not. This is why this preparation is so important!

Here are some top tips to help you prepare/stage your bedrooms ready for photo day.

Declutter & Tidy

This is a very useful process to do now, if you’re moving anyway why not get a head start and sort through your belongings and remove those items that have sat collecting dust for the last however many years. Even better this doesn’t cost anything to do! Unless you need a skip after years of hoarding!

I appreciate that homes are lived in, but for photo day we are trying to sell the concept of somebody else visualising living in your property.

This can be achieved by removing any personal items such as photos from around the room, hide any books, water bottles, toiletries or chargers that may live on bedside tables.

Less is more!

Are there bulky pieces of furniture that don’t need to be in your bedroom, I know it may not be practical but removing large drawers or items of furniture blocking walkways around the bed will again make the room appear and feel bigger.

If the furniture you have in a room is too large for the room you can rent or borrow furniture and stage the house like a pro making the room feel bigger not crowded and a more useable space.

The Less clutter or personal belongings there are in the room the easier it is for people to visualise their own belongings in the room or how they may use the space!


Light is extremely important!

A light room will look and feel bigger when it is photographed and more importantly physically viewed.

As an agent, I will always try my best to arrive at the property early for viewings to ensure that all the curtains and blinds are open, windows open if the property is vacant and all the lights are on where necessary. If you are doing your own viewings make sure you have a recce around the property and imagine you are seeing it for the first time. Is it light airy and welcoming?

Try and decorate your bedroom with mirrors and place them so that they bounce any natural light around the room, this is also a great tip at the end of hallways and landings. This reflection of light off the mirror itself will also make the room feel larger.

Keep it Neutral, Keep it Fresh

If you have a themed room or what might be considered a garish colour palette in your bedroom my best advice is to neutralise it.

We want prospective buyers to be looking at the space itself not having to reach for their sunglasses to view the room.

While the brushes are out why not give the ceiling a fresh coat of crisp white, this is an extremely cheap and easy way to make a room feel light and freshen it up.

This is also a great tip for skirting boards and coving. Crisp neutral colours will frame the room and make the ceiling feel higher.

Whilst we are talking fresh how do your sheets look? If they look like they are feeling sorry for themselves buying some white/plain/neutral bed sheets and making the bed like a 5* star hotel will again make people feel comfortable when they are in the space and more inclined to imagine themselves living in it.

Large pillows and throws will also help stage a room and come across well on media!

Whilst a lot of these practices are common sense and don’t cost a great deal of money they can be time-intensive.

They will elevate the way your bedroom photos and feels when you have your viewings. It may even be the difference between your potential purchaser requesting a viewing.

You will have to pack and declutter at some point so why not get a head start and reap the rewards with stunning media.

Never be worried to ask an agent for their honest opinion if there is anything that should be done prior to photo day. A good agent will be honest and want to help you get the best response from the marketing they produce.